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Hydrogen is Very Good For Your Health

drinking_waterDrinking water that has been enriched with atomic hydrogen daily is an ideal health regimen. It is a habit that most people can afford and it is definitely one of the top five health habits that we recommend to everyone!

A person who doesn’t drink hydrogen rich water doesn’t understand the nature (which nature is based on redox reactions) of his or her own being and/or does not understand the opportunity that atomic hydrogen provides in terms of maximizing health and longevity.

The truth is that out of simple daily habits grow those successes that are truly great — including enjoying vibrant health. And, that’s what drinking hydrogen enriched water is — a small and simple daily habit.

The reason that we single out the importance of drinking hydrogen rich water is that when one drinks water that has been enriched with hydrogen, those hydrogen atoms enter the body and almost instantly spread out throughout the body where they extinguish free radicals (through REDOX reactions), slowing down aging and disease processes.

Quenching Free Radicals Is Hugely Important

Free radicals are what cause inflammation, disease and aging, one molecule and one chain reaction of oxidative damage at a time. So, by extinguishing free radicals by drinking hydrogen rich water, one is actively choosing to live a healthier, longer and higher-quality life.

hayashiDr. H. Hayashi, MD began teaching two decades ago that the curative ability of certain legendary, healing waters had to do with the presence of hydrogen molecules and atoms in these waters. He taught that hydrogen atoms help to quench the damaging, oxidative byproducts of energy production called free radicals through a electrochemical process that is at the root of life called reduction. Dr. Hayashi pioneered a way of adding hydrogen atoms and molecules (which become hydrogen atoms in the body) to much of the water we drink each day — enabling us to feel better, live longer, look younger and enjoy life more.

hydrogen_water_stickDr. Hayashi’s Hydrogen Rich Water Stick™ is a simple, effective way to have hydrogen rich water available to drink wherever you go. You simply insert the hydrogen stick (6 inches long, 2/3 inch in diameter) into any pint-sized or larger water bottle, and fill the bottle with water, to the top, leaving no air gap, shake and wait at least 15 minutes for the hydrogen molecules to begin propagating throughout the water — while some of them disassociate into hydrogen atoms and some remaining as molecules of hydrogen to be converted into hydrogen atoms inside one’s body.

Then drink! As soon as the hydrogen enters one’s body, the hydrogen starts clearing away free radicals from your body and enabling the body to function with the depressive, inflammatory action of those free radicals.

Unlike multi-stage faucet filters or pitchers or expensive ionization machines that release hydrogen into the water, with the Hydrogen Water stick, the hydrogen doesn’t quickly and uselessly escape into the atmosphere, but gets inside you, your blood, lymph and cells. As soon as you drink the hydrogen rich water from your water bottle, refill it immediately and that’s it. It’s extremely simple, and it is very powerful!

We reiterate that In terms of health habits, the habit of drinking hydrogen rich water is one of the most important habit for people who intend to live long and healthy. Please review this website, until you understand how and why you need to establish the hydrogen habit in your life.

Read below some of the many benefits of drinking water made from the hydrogen stick and washing your skin with it:

  • Maximizes anti-aging potential
  • Improves hydration levels (up to 6 times better than tap water)
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Helps improves absorption of supplements
  • Helps lubricates joints and muscles
  • Helps the brain function better
  • Helps remove impurities from the cells and the body
  • Helps to maintain/regain optimal blood pressure
  • Helps reduce headaches, arthritic symptoms and other chronic illness symptoms
  • Reduces lotion needs by hydrating skin
  • Reduces sun & wind damage
  • Helps hydrate hair follicles

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