Hydrogen is the
Ultimate Antioxidant

h2richwater_467On This Page We Present:
Why Drinking Water That is Rich in Hydrogen May Be the Most Important of All Health Habits.
The hydrogen habit means:

  • Generally speaking — you'll live longer and have better health!
  • More Detailedly — you’ll be better hydrated, have softer skin, have less inflammation, and you’ll think and function better.
  • Perpetually maintaining ample active hydrogen levels in one's body is a grand secret that enables one to preserve health, vitality and longevity up to decades longer.

Most people's bodies lack ACTIVE Hydrogen, meaning their bodies lack hydrogen that is unbound to other elements.

The reason that people’s body’s lack Active Hydrogen is that hydrogen is rarely found in the atmosphere or in naturally occurring water for the simple reason that Hydrogen (H) in water (H2O) is so light and always escapes into the atmosphere and then into space. Even though, hydrogen is part of the water molecule, it is always bound to oxygen, except in rare locations where water bubbles up through magnesium rock... and, in this case, some of the water touching the magnesium rock is disassociated into hydrogen and oxygen. Once disassociated the hydrogen quickly bubbles out of the water, and people bathing in the water do breathe some of that or they can put some of the water into capped bottles and take that water home with them to drink. In that way, they can get some of the hydrogen into their bodies and are benefited thereby.

The takeaway is to remember that hydrogen has to be unbound (active) in order for it to benefit one’s health, IE, to neutralize oxygen radicals and to help power cellular mitochondria. Getting more active hydrogen into our bodies, which is called “Hydrogen Therapy”, is one of the most beneficial health practices you can have. Hydrogen therapy has reached the awareness of eminent scientists. It is real and actionable NOW, and you should do it, if you have any desire for optimum quality of life or self-preservation instinct.

Below we list what emerging science and anecdotal reports say that hydrogen rich water does for human health.

Which of these hydrogen benefits are you interested in?

  • Helps maximize anti-aging potential
  • Improves hydration levels (up to 6 times better than tap water) - especially significant to brain function.
  • Helps reduce incidence and severity of headaches and chronic diseases such as arthritis that result from free radical damage
  • Helps improves absorption of food and supplements
  • Helps to increase energy in muscles, as well as hydrate and lubricate joints and muscles during workouts, enabling longer workouts without pain and lactic acid buildup
  • Help reduce diarrhea and bowel complaints
  • Helps reduce wrinkles
  • Helps to maintain/regain optimal blood pressure
  • Reduces lotion needs by hydrating skin
  • Reduces sun & wind damage
  • Helps hydrate hair follicles
  • Helps cleanse impurities from the cells and the body
  • Helps women have easier pregnancies and healthier babies.


How are all the above benefits possible?

  1. First, hydrogen rich water helps increase the amount of water in ones cells and tissues.small_large_water_clusters
    • The way this works is that ACTIVE hydrogen changes the electrical charges in water which causes water molecules to form smaller groups and allows for easier hydration (movement of water into cells through aquaporins, IE, water channels (cellular plumbing discovered in 2003)... and transport of vitamins and minerals. This is one of the reasons for health benefits from utilizing hydrogen rich water. Better hydrated people recover faster from illness and have a reduced mortality. Sadly, while babies are 75% water, adults are often less than 45% water because the older we get the less ability our bodies have to convert large clusters of water into smaller clusters of water that can easily enter cellular aquaporins in order to enter cells.
  2. Second, the cells and fluids of  the body utilize hydrogen atoms to help stop or lessen oxidation by quenching (technically, this is called reducing) oxidants (free radicals) in the cells to a greater degree than can be accomplished by eating anti-oxidant rich foods.
    • drinking_hydrogen_rich_waterHydrogen atoms are the tiniest of all antioxidants. They help to reduce damage from free radicals in all parts of the body (because they are so small that they can go everywhere). By reducing free radical damage they help reduce inflammatory, aging and chronic disease processes that would otherwise continue to occur.
    • According to one scientific study, drinking hydrogen rich water for eight weeks resulted in a 39% increase in the antioxidant enzyme super oxide dismutase (SOD) and a 43% decrease in thiobarbituric acid reactive substances (TBARS) in urine (TBARS are a measure of the oxidized and damaged fats in your body). Additionally, an 8% increase in high density lipoprotein (HDL)-cholesterol and a 13% decrease in total cholesterol/HDL-cholesterol was observed from baseline to week 4. In other words, drinking hydrogen rich water is extremely anti-oxidizing.
  3. mitochondria_hydrogenThird, hydrogen atoms are used in the mitochondria, in the presence of oxygen, to create efficient energy.
    • Hydrogen, literally, can fuel the ATP engine that powers every cell in the body. More fuel means more work can be done, less food needs to be eaten, and less food further reduces the oxidative load the body has to deal with. Having Hydrogen rich water literally means your mitochondria energy production can be higher, giving “greater energy and living capacity” for everything your body does.

In summary, the benefits of active hydrogen rich water include:

  • Active hydrogen increases energy output in mitochondria by directly supplying the best “fuel” in the universe, hydrogen.
  • Active hydrogen quenches free radicals, helping curtail free radical damage (aging) to the human cells.
  • Active hydrogen, reduces water cluster size, which enables more water to get into cells, which increases cell hydration... back up towards the 75% where human hydration should be... for optimum health... and for beauty... having less wrinkles and softer skin on the outside... and better function of cells and organs on the inside.

You can learn more about these benefits at:

What do Sacred Healing Waters Have in Common? —Hydrogen

According to Dr. Sanetaka Shirahata (Graduate School of Genetic Resources Technology, Kyushu University), the so called miracle healing water all contains Active Hydrogen (atomic hydrogen) and Hydrogen (molecular hydrogen) in water and the healing effect is simply the result of the health benefits of that Hydrogen.

Lourdes France Miracle Healing Water

  • On the 9th of November 2002, Japan’s TBS TV program name USO, televised the story about this healing water from France and how 5 million visitors a year come to get some of this healing water and about the more than 3,670 cases of healing confirmed by doctors. The TV show discussed how the Lourdes miracle water was brought to Japan Kyushu University where it was analyzed by Dr. Sanetaka Shirahata and found to be rich in ACTIVE HYDROGEN.

Mexico - Tlacote Miracle Healing Water

  • More than 8 million visitors a hear go to get some of this healing water 200 miles away from Mexico City, with numerous medical confirmations of the beneficial results, including Magic Johnson. A TV program was also broadcast about this water in 2000. Analysis showed that it was also rich in ACTIVE HYDROGEN.

Germany – Norudenau Miracle water

  • Less well known, but with more than 500 confirmed medical reports of healing, this water was analyzed and found to be rich in ACTIVE HYDROGEN.

Pakistan - Hunza

  • One of the longest-lived race of people in the world are called the Hunza. These people, located in the northern Pakistan, are found in several high-altitude mountain valleys. Many Hunza claim to be 150 years old; many others are documented centenarians (over age one hundred). For many years, scientists have pondered the mystery of what makes them so healthy, for they rarely suffer the diseases the rest of us know so well. Some researchers are beginning to believe that the Hunza miracle derives from the water that they drink. The mountain water that flows into the Hunza villages comes from the surrounding glaciers. This water is filled with mineral solutes, and it tests out to have the highest amount of dissolved ACTIVE HYDROGEN yet discovered.


One of the pioneers behind the health benefits of Atomic Hydrogen is a renowned Cardiovascular Surgeon from Japan named Hidemitsu Hayashi. Below are two of his summaries of Hydrogen benefits:

Summary of the Theory of Hypothesis by Hidemitsu HAYASHI, M.D., Water Institute, and Munenori KAWAMURA, M.D., Kyowa Medical Clinic

In November 1995 I presented a hypothesis known by the title: “Water:  Regulating Theory (Hayashi's Model)” in a US health magazine. It says that active oxygen could be scavenged or reduced by atomic hydrogen, which results in production of H2O to give again a birthplace for every life form.

“My hypothesis was born from the clinical observation study in our clinic. Since May 1985 we have confirmed thousands of clinical improvements, obtained solely by exchanging drinking (as well as cooking water) from tap water to reduced water (hydrogen rich water). Those improvements were very exciting and some of them were considered to be  miraculous at that time, when Shirahata's paper was not yet submitted. It should be remembered that such putrefied metabolites are the same ones which are produced as a result of putrefaction of protein. The difference lies only in the fact that the former putrefaction process is brought about by intestinal microbes, whereas the latter is brought about by airborne microbes. Based on these facts, I proposed a hypothesis Pre-and post hepatic Organ Theory in 1988, 1989 & 1990 at the International Symposium on Man and His Environment in Health and Disease' held at Dallas, Texas, USA.

I stated that, as it is impossible to purify the polluted water in the St. Laurence River without purifying the polluted water in Lake Ontario, so it should be impossible to improve the disorders of post hepatic organs, without trying to improve the disorder of pre-hepatic organs, namely putrefaction in gastrointestinal tract. Such clinical experiences have led us to recognize that reduced water is not only"  effective for restoration of intestinal flora metabolism, but also could be effective in scavenging active oxygen. Our clinical observation"  data, and my hypothesis, were delivered to Prof. Shirahata in April 1996 and his research has since started.

Shirahata's paper means that cell metabolism, either microbial or cancerous, depends on its intracellular water, namely cell metabolism.  This can vary according to the property of intracellular water, i.e. hydrogen-rich or not. And even cancer cells might lose their characteristic feature of unlimited proliferation when they are immersed in hydrogen-rich water, originated and developed in Japan, but totally unknown in the past throughout the world. The solution might now be in our hands. Our 'new water' should be the first choice for all of us to take, as has been suggested by Happe, Shirahata and ourselves.

Case study presentations showed improvements of diabetes, hepatoma & atopic dermatitis. Now, there could be no wonder why such clinical improvements have been obtained. In short, the ' invisible reaction' of active hydrogen against active oxygen was regulated at first. As a result of it, 'visible reaction', so-called clinical exam data as well as clinical symptoms have been improved.”


Clinical Improvements Obtained From Intake Of Hydrogen-Rich Water (1985-2000)

Hayashi, Hidemitsu, M.D., Water Institute, & Kawamura, Munenori, M.D., Kyowa Medical Clinic

  • Improvement of general malaise, chronic constipation & diarrhea as well as persistent diarrhea after gastric resection
  • Improvement of dehydration in infants with vomiting and diarrhea caused by viral infection
  • Improvement of hyperbilirubinemia in newborns
  • Improvement of blood sugar and HbA1c levels in diabetes
  • Improvement of peripheral circulation in diabetic gangrene
  • Improvement of liver function in hepatic diseases, cirrhosis of liver, hepatitis
  • Improvement of uric acid levels in gout
  • Improvement of cholesterol levels
  • Improvement of gastroduodenal ulcers and prevention of recurrences
  • Improvement of hypertensive or hypotensive disorders
  • Improvement of hypersensitive disorders; urticaria (hives), atopic dermatitis, asthma, etc.
  • Improvement of autoimmune disorders; rheumatism, collagen disease, SLE, etc.
  • Improvement of dismenorrhea, menopause symptoms
  • Improvement of malignant tumors; hepatoma, cancers, etc.
  • Improvement of specific diseases; Behcet Syndrome, Crohn Disease, Kawasaki's Disease, ulcerative colitis
  • Experiences of pregnant women who took hydrogen-rich water during their pregnancy; almost no emesis, smooth delivery, slight jaundice, enough lactation, smooth and satisfactory growth of newborns

Devices to produce reduced water were introduced into our clinic in May 1985. Soon after, the Hydrogen Producing Mineral Stick was designed to make hydrogen-rich water available inexpensively and more efficiently to all. This Hydrogen Producing Mineral Stick showed to be a more effective source of hydrogen than electrolyzed-reduced water with no concern of hydrogen gas dissipating within minutes after being poured. This then allowed even better results to follow. Based on the clinical experiences obtained in the past 15 years, it can be said that introduction of naturally reduced water (using H-01 Active Hydrogen Generator; later named The Hydrogen Producing Mineral Stick), or electrolyzed-reduced water for drinking and cooking purpose for in-patients should be the very prerequisite in our daily medical practices. It is because any dietary recipe cannot be a scientific one if property of water taken by the patients is not taken into consideration.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare in Japan announced in 1965 that the intake of reduced water is effective for restoration of intestinal flora metabolism.

Hayashi, Hidemitsu, M.D.

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