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Faster Training and Race Times with the Hydrogen Rich Water Stick™

  • I have been using the Hydrogen-Stick in my camel back during my cycling training sessions for 26 days now...  I have been able to trim my 3 mile sprint times by an average of 30 to 35 seconds while maintaining the same heart rate. My 20 mile times have improved by MINUTES!!!! Previously I have used a variety of goos and supplements; however, all have benefits and negatives on my performance. With the Hydrogen -Stick, I have been able to achieve a more sustainable power curve with no drop off effect. Our race team has now begun using Dr Hayashi’s product during our racing series.

    Chuck Woods, AMBCS/USAC racer
  • I tried one [stick] for one day and I ran about 2 1/2 min faster on a 5 K distance than I did last week on the same route.  Basically I was amazed at the difference because I run my pace based strictly on my heart rate.

    Timothy E. Colbert, MS, ATC, LAT
    Chair, Division of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation, Delta State University
    Cleveland, MS


Improved Stamina, Mental Focus with Hydrogen Rejuvenation™ Tablet

I can't thank you enough for turning me on to the Rejuvenation hydrogen supplement. Since I have been taking the hydrogen my energy is higher, my endurance is longer, squeezing in the last two reps with the extra power to push to the next reps. It is good for stamina, good for people working out day in and day out, like I do. I’m always ready for the next workout, without any resistance. I start work at 5 am and we train until 8 pm, and I feel strong all the way throughout the whole day; I feel I have more oxygen and energy throughout the days even though they are long. Also, I noticed my concentration and focus are sharper. Getting up early in the morning to train used to be difficult, but now I  find it easy, I am excited and my mind is sharp and focused and the focus lasts all day. I actually look forward to my workouts more than before. This supplement is unique in my experience; there is a lightness to myself, like nothing else; I find my weight work lighter and easier. Recovery time is shorter, I don’t feel as sore. Now, after a week without the tablets I am feeling more fatigue and soreness from lactic acid build-up.

L. B. Certified Professional Trainer

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