Hydrogen is the
Ultimate Antioxidant

cellfoodCellFood Drops:

Supplement Facts:

  • Serving Size: 8 Drops
  • Servings per Container: 90

  • Ingredients Per Serving: Cellfood Proprietary Blend: 328 mg

  • Deuterium Sulfate, Ionic Trace Minerals Blend, Enzyme Blend, Trace Amino Acid Blend

  • Other Ingredients: Pure Water

Retail price: $29.95  Our price: $24.95

Instructions for using Cell Food:

  1. Squirt 8 or more drops into your mouth, or on your hand (and lick up the drops) or into as little or as much water or juice as one wishes... and drink... it has a sour taste.
  2. Repeat as often as desired during the day. The more the better. At three servings per day, one bottle will last more than a month. It is not possible to overdose... unneeded nutrients will just be eliminated from your body.
  3. The product is stable for up to 40 years, at least; actually, it improves with age in terms of potency

Cell Food - For Enhanced Redox

CellFood™ is different than other hydrogen releasing products in that it does its hydrogen generating work inside the body, not outside.

Salient points about CellFood™ drops:

  • Cell food was used to combat the “free radicalizing” effects of radiation encountered by the developers of the atom bomb in the 1940s, and was kept under wraps by the U.S. government until the 1980s and officially released to the public in 1995.
  • Cell food is well-studied and shown to significantly reduces free radical levels damage levels in the body.
  • In addition to increasing hydrogen, CellFood increases oxygen levels in the body and usage of oxygen:
  • Cell Food increases the conversion of hydrogen rich water into Active hydrogen due to its enzymes and deuterium, making both the Hydrogen Rich Water Stick and the Hydrogen Tablet work even better.
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