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Frequently Asked Questions About the Hydrogen Rich Water Stick™ Method of Generating Drinkable Hydrogen Atoms


Usage Instructions

Normal Use

For normal use place one to three sticks into a water bottle with one pint (.5 liter) to 1/2 gallon (2.0 liter) of water, however, the one pint size is normally the best, since you want to drink all the water from your bottle, at once, rather than sipping from it, leisurely. The reason is so that none of the hydrogen in the water will escape into the air void, and give you no benefit. To use a hydrogen stick:

  • Thoroughly rinse the new stick under running water and place in a personal water bottle with an air-tight cap. Fill the bottle all the way to the top to remove as much air as possible. Shut the cap and shake.
  • Wait 15-20 minutes and shake again before drinking the Hydrogen-Rich water.
  • If convenient, and for best results, either drink all of the water, or immediately top off the bottle after drinking any quantity to minimize the air gap. This is not absolutely required but will increase the amount of hydrogen you receive, which is the whole point. Remember to shake after filling and before drinking UNLESS your bottle is not full, in which case, skip shaking before drinking (because they would cause hydrogen to more quickly leave the water and move into the air gap, which, reduces your benefit).

The stick must remain in the water bottle at all times to produce hydrogen-rich water. You cannot pour off the water into a glass or leave the cap off the bottle as the hydrogen tends to escape into the atmosphere.

We recommend shaking the stick to release gas from inside that may be preventing water from entering and continuing the gas production reaction. If the stick fills up with gas, but due to the surface tension of certain waters does not escape the inside of the stick the reaction cannot continue. It is best then to always shake your bottle.

Dr. Hayashi recommends one stick for those younger than 35, two sticks for those older than 35 and three sticks for those worried about their health — so that the water saturates with hydrogen faster and can be drunk more often during the day.

Hydrogen Stick Performance:

One Stick - Outperforms ionizer machines.
Two Sticks - Provides dietary hydrogen as though eating a raw food diet.
Three Sticks - Disease Remediation by ensuring that water quickly is saturated with maximum hydrogen that the water can hold.


Stick Maintenance

The effectiveness of the stick may deteriorate sooner than its six-month life span if it is not cleaned always kept submersed in water and if it is no cleaned periodically.

To clean it, about once a month the stick should be submerged in a bath of 1 part distilled white vinegar and 4 parts water. Allow the stick to soak for about 30-minutes. Remove the stick and rinse thoroughly under running water. Return to use.

Allowing the stick to dry out can reduce its six-month lifespan due to increased oxidation. Sticks that are frequently allowed to dry out, should be cleaned in vinegar much more often, two or three times a month, instead of once.



You will not overdose with hydrogen by using the Hydrogen Stick. However, as with any “health” change that you may implement, there may be a period of “feeling different, or even worse” before feeling better. It just means that your body is adjusting, kind of like getting sore muscles when starting to exercise.


Verification of Performance

New sticks may produce more hydrogen than water can hold in a dissolved state and this will result in bubbles. This is completely normal. The hydrogen that doesn’t bubble off stays in solution and that is what you are drinking.

Hydrogen product is similar to the flame production on a candle. A lit candle produces a steady amount of light for a period of time and then burns out.

In our laboratory tests, 95% of all sticks produce ample amounts of hydrogen for six months, while only 20% are still producing ample hydrogen after seven months (this has to do with the amount of water processed and how often the stick is allowed to dry out). Therefore, it is important to mark your calendar with a replacement date.

An important confirmation of the generation of hydrogen gas is the improvement to abnormal gastrointestinal fermentation from one to two weeks after starting to use the Hydrogen Stick. There will be such changes as better bowel movements and reduced stool smell.

Many waters have a high capacity to hold dissolved hydrogen and will not exhibit any bubbles at all even with new sticks. Do not worry, this is actually better than seeing the hydrogen bubble out. It is not a malfunction with the stick. You can be assured that if your hyrogen stick is in contact with water and it has not been used beyond its normal capacity of approximately six months, the stick will produce hydrogen gas.




Is Hydrogen Rich Water Safe for All People?

Yes. Hydrogen rich water is safe for everyone, good health, poor health, young or old, pregnant or not. Please note, however, that hydrogen rich water will increase the absorbability of drugs and nutrients. Although generally a good thing, this can be a two edged sword, because, although it’s great for getting more nutrition out of your nutritional supplements, you will also get more medicine out of your medicines. Unfortunately, medicines can be overdosed, so be alert to see if you may need to reduce the dosage of any of your medications.




Does the Stick Reduce Water Cluster Size?

Yes. The presence of molecular hydrogen and magnesium in the water reduces its cluster size.




Does the Hydrogen Stick purify the water?

No, not in the sense of making unsafe water, safe to drink. But, yes, in the general sense of doing some purification (just not enough to rely on in making any contaminated water safe to drink).

The far-infrared ceramics within the hydrogen stick will reduce bacterial content and will neutralize certain organic contaminates as also will the reduction potential (negative ORP). But again, merely reducing these things, does not make the water safe to drink. So, please understand that THE STICK IS NOT MEANT TO USE WITH WATER THAT IS UNSAFE FOR DRINKING.




What is the stick made of? How does it work?

The stick is composed of magnesium in a porous PE resin. A reaction between the magnesium and the water causes the production of hydrogen.




Does the Hydrogen Stick make water more alkaline? If so, what pH?

Yes. The Hydrogen Stick will make water more alkaline, increasing the pH from .5 to 1.5 pH points, depending on the original pH of the water and the mineral content of the water. Both factors will effect the resulting pH.

Remember that Dr. Hayashi's studies have shown that hydrogen content in your drinking water is more important than its pH, or ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential).




Does the stick work with distilled or reverse osmosis water?

Yes. The stick works well with any water — producing hydrogen-rich, anti-oxidant water that is more alkaline.




Can you comment on the “Don't Buy A Hydrogen Stick” video on YouTube?

Regarding the negative video:

There are many problems with this test.

First, the pH goes down after some time - she claims it is because the hydrogen is going away. This indicates a misunderstanding of hydrogen’s effect upon water. pH indicates the relative concentration of negative versus positive ions. It does not indicate concentration.

Water can have lots of molecular hydrogen (H2) or no molecular hydrogen and still have a very low or very high pH — going either way. The hydrogen stick creates H2 and H- which have no great effect on pH until the water has stabilized over a period of hours to days. This is the biggest mistake made by people selling ionizers. They don’t understand chemistry.

The pH would also go down because the cup is being exposed to air allowing the water to absorb CO2 which is broken down into carbonic acid (H2CO3) which then breaks down further liberating H+ and therefore the water is more acid. All waters exposed to air for long enough will become slightly acid.

Also, the lid on the test cup is not air tight and there is a large air gap above the water and there is no movement of the test water. This is not the ideal container to use with the stick. It is desirable to use a bottle in which the lid can be closed and the water shaken. It is good to shake once after adding the stick and then to fill to the top with no air gap. Then, shake again before drinking 15 minutes later. This releases the hydrogen gas from the porous stick. If the stick just sits there not moving it will become gas-bound. This means that hydrogen now surrounds the magnesium inside the stick and that the reaction has stopped. Magnesium needs to be in contact with the water for the reaction to continue. So, it is good to shake the water several times.

A negative ORP is going to be fairly hard to achieve in an open container or with an air gap. Any Oxidation Reduction Potential will be minimized by the continuous oxidation from the air. This is why we tell people to use a bottle with an airtight cap and to minimize the air gap in the bottle. You could start with a very low ORP in an open cup like that and literally watch the meter rise before your eyes. This is because the water is interacting with the air.

ORP also has nothing to do with H2 concentration, but is merely the potential of a fluid to give up electrons to something it is in contact with. It is a much better indication of H-, but not H2. H2 will need to be given some time to naturally decay into H- in order to be detected by ORP.

Despite all of these errors, the worst part is that the person missed the point of the stick. It isn’t a high pH water stick or an ORP water stick, but a hydrogen-rich water stick. Dr. Hayashi’s research has shown conclusively that when one gets enough H2, neither pH nor ORP is of any concern. (Remember that Dr. Hayashi is also responsible for all the clinical research on the ionizing machines.) After doing all these studies, Dr. Hayashi realized that H2 is the superior anti-oxidant in the body and will not show up on the ORP readings or pH meter. Once H2 reaches the body it will interact with hydrogenase enzymes in the body and become an amazing anti-oxidant.

Any negative ORP from the stick is A BONUS because there are many orders of magnitude more H2 than H-. The total antioxidant effect then is many times greater than that indicated by ORP.



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