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Hayashi Hydrogen Rich Water Stick™

Question: Is hydrogen-rich water safe for all people?
Answer: Yes. Hydrogen-rich water is safe for all ages — regardless of health condition or prescriptions one may be taking. Even pregnant women can use the hydrogen stick and do so with great success.

Question: Does the Hayashi stick reduce water cluster size?
Answer: Yes. Its ceramic housing has been infused with far-infrared rays that reduce water cluster size as does the presence of molecular hydrogen and magnesium.

Question: Does Hydrogen Stick produce the same quality drinking water as water from the TOP OF THE LINE water ionizer machines?
Answer: No, it produces better water. Dr. Hayashi's research has shown that hydrogen is more important than pH or Oxidation Reduction Potential. With ionizing machines, most of the hydrogen has escaped by the time enough water has been made to drink. You would also need to drink as quickly as possible, seconds to minutes, as the remaining hydrogen escapes from the water rapidly. With the Hydrogen Stick, water is constantly disassociated into hydrogen and oxygen in a capped bottle, so you always get the Hydrogen without it escaping into the atmosphere.

Question: I've heard all electrolysis ionizers leach toxins into the water. Is this true?
Answer: Yes. All ionizers use a variety of metals and alloys to reduce corrosion due to the electrolysis process, which heavily degrades the electrodes. All electric ionizers leach anything that might be in the metal and the metal itself into the water; it is unavoidable. The Hydrogen Stick does not use electrolysis. It uses only 99.9% pure magnesium. Magnesium is something we can all use more of and the magnesium that makes its way into the water only makes it more healthful and contributes to a stable pH.

Question: Does the Hydrogen Stick make water alkaline? If so, what pH?
Answer: Yes. The Hydrogen Stick will make water more alkaline, usually anywhere from .5 to 1.3 pH points than the starting pH. We cannot tell you exactly what the pH of your water will be after using the stick because we do not know what the pH of your water is now or what kind of mineral content your water has. Both factors will affect the resulting pH. Remember that Dr. Hayashi's studies have shown that hydrogen content in your drinking water is more important than its pH or ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential). Generally speaking, though, persons consuming hydrogen-rich water will tend to be less acid prone than those consuming other waters.

Question: What kind of water is best to use with the Hydrogen Water Stick?
Answer: The cleanest, healthiest water you have access to is the water you should use. Simple and economical purified tap water works great. You can also use plain tap water, bottled water or any other type of water- the stick does not care. Keep in mind that chlorinated water is always slightly damaging to health... even though only slightly. Keep in mind that chlorine kills bacteria and slightly irritating to human cells. It is best, if you can afford to, to use water that does not have chlorine, which is why an economical filter with tap water is a good choice.

Question: Does the stick work with distilled or reverse osmosis water?
Answer: Yes. The Hayashi Hydrogen stick works well with any water, producing hydrogen-rich, anti-oxidant water that is more alkaline.

Question: For best results, what container should be used?
Answer: The Hydrogen Stick works best in a personal sized water container no larger than 1.5 Liter with an air-tight lid, and ideally much smaller (0.5 liter to 0.75 liter). Using a larger container would reduce the hydrogen concentration in the water and limit the benefits.

Question: Is it normal for the stick to turn a light gray color when submerged?
Answer: Yes. The stick will often turn a grayish color when saturated with water. This effect is caused by the light reflecting off the stick in a different manner, partly revealing its naturally darker interior. This is normal.

Question: How much hydrogen does the Hydrogen Water Stick put into water, and how long does it take?
Answer: The amount of hydrogen that will end up in the water, inside one’s personal water bottle, depends on several factors. The two most important factors are how much water is in the bottle and how much time is allowed for hydrogen to be generated. The saturation point for hydrogen in water is about 1.5 ppm, meaning that no amount of time can produce a greater level of hydrogen than 1.5 ppm because the water cannot hold more than that. At normal water temperature, with a 1.5 Liter water bottle, it can take at four hours to reach that saturation point with one stick, half that time with two sticks, one third that time with three sticks, and if one uses a smaller water bottle of 0.5 liters (a very common size), all those times will be reduced by 50 percent. So, for quick estimations, using a 0.5 liter bottle, to reach the 1.5 ppm saturation point would take 90 minutes with one stick, 45 minutes with two sticks and  30 minutes with three sticks.

Question: Can I use the Hydrogen Stick in a water-cooler bottle (5 gal. or 3 gal.) or pitcher that the whole family can use?
Answer: No, this is not recommended because using any container larger than 1.5L will limit the hydrogen concentration and resulting benefits. Of course, you can always use multiple sticks with larger containers or for added boost in smaller containers. However, water cooler bottles have a large air gap between the top of the bottle and the water allowing the hydrogen to escape into the air... thus wasting your money and giving you no benefit. Small, personal water bottles are the only way to go.

Question: How many water sticks should I use?
Answer: That depends on your patience and how much hydrogen one believes that his or her body needs. One stick will work if one can wait long enough for the water to become saturated with hydrogen, up to 1.5 hours with one stick and a 0.5 liter bottle, or the same result can be had in 30 minutes with three sticks.

Question: How long will the Hydrogen Stick last?
Answer: Dr. Hayashi recommends replacing your Hydrogen Stick every six months or every 400 gallons of water produced or after five recharges (whichever of those that comes first) for optimal benefits. If the water stick is allowed to be exposed to air, however, the magnesium will oxidize and it will need to be recharged with vinegar, which will shorten its life.

Question: How much Hydrogen Rich Water from the Water Stick is recommended to drink daily?
Answer: Replacing all your daily water with Hydrogen Rich Water is, in our opinion, the best choice. So, that could mean up to 4 or 5 quarts per day, per person, depending on how much water you drink daily. That would be eight to ten 16 ounce bottles per day. The Hydrogen Water Stick™ can generate up to 2 gallons of water daily (2 gallons a day x 180 days = 360 gallons and the limit is 400 gallons) without adversely affecting its life span.

Question: Is the Hydrogen Stick really FDA Registered as a medical device?
Answer: Yes

Hydrogen Rejuvenation™ Tablet

Question: Does the Rejuvenation™ tablet provide one with more hydrogen than does the Hydrogen Water Stick?
Answer: Yes, when a Rejuvenation tablet is used with at least 12 ounces of water (0.37 Liters) it will maximize the amount of hydrogen going into the water. Less water would mean some of the hydrogen couldn’t be held (and it would escape into the atmosphere).  Its main capability is to super saturate water with nano hydrogen bubbles, so that the hydrogen ppm concentration that can be generated by a Rejuvenation tablet can reach 9 ppm (or 7 ppm with 16 ounces (0.5 Liter) which is considerably more than the 1.5 ppm hydrogen maximum concentration produced by the water stick in a similar amount of water.

Question: Is the Hydrogen Rejuvenation™ tablet easier to use than the Hydrogen Water Stick
Answer: Yes, with the tablet, you simply drop one tablet in 12 to 16 ounces of water, wait about two minutes for the tablet to fizz and dissolve completely, and drink. With the Hydrogen Stick, and a similar amount of water you have to wait 90 minutes with one stick, 45 minutes with two sticks and 30 minutes with three sticks) before drinking and you have to recharge the Hydrogen stick in a vinegar bath once a month. So, the tablet is, in comparison, much faster in daily use and virtually effortless.

Question: Why does water generated from the Hydrogen Rejuvenation tablet have a “different” taste?
Answer: Unlike the Hydrogen Water Stick, a significant amount of magnesium goes into the water, about 80 mg per tablet, to be exact. That gives the water a “mineral” taste, which although, not objectionable, changes the taste of the original water. With the Hydrogen stick, there is no change in taste because only trace amounts (virtually none) go into the water.

Question: Can I use the Hydrogen Rejuvenation™ tablet in a half gallon pitcher, instead of a small, 12 or 16 ounce capped water bottle?
Answer: Yes, but you (or whoever you are sharing the water with) will need to drink “all 64 ounces of that water” within seconds of the tablet dissolving or else you will lose substantial amounts of hydrogen to the atmosphere, that you will have then paid for, but lost. And, you wont get any more benefit than if you had put the tablet in just 12 ounces of water.

Question: Can I use the Hydrogen Rejuvenation™ tablet in an open container?
Answer: Yes, but, only, if you drink all the water immediately (within seconds) upon the tablet being dissolved else considerable hydrogen will escape into the atmosphere.

Question: Can I use the Hydrogen Rejuvenation™ tablet in just a few ounces of water instead of 12 to 16 ounces?
Answer: No, you should use 12 to 16 ounces of water, otherwise much of hydrogen will be unable to remain in the water because a small amount of water will quickly be saturated with hydrogen nano-bubbles, and then will not be able to hold more, and will escape into the air.

Question: With its ease of use and ability to generate greater amounts of hydrogen, why would one use any other hydrogen generating method than the Hydrogen Rejuvenation tablet™?
Answer: If one simply wants the best result, there is no reason. The tablet is the best choice. However, the choice between using the Hydrogen Rejuvenation tablet or the Hydrogen Water Stick or Cellfood or ASEA may often be a financial choice. Consider that:

  • To use the Hydrogen Stick costs less than $15 per month (when its cost is pro-rated over six months, which is its useful lifespan).
  • and to use CellFood costs $27 per month.
  • while to use the Hydrogen Rejuvenation tablet will cost either $30 a month or $60 a month, depending on whether one uses one or two tablets per day (two is highly recommended)
  • Using the recommended amount of ASEA (4 ounces a day) is the most costly option at $120 a month.

To be completely fair in regard to cost to benefit, one needs to drink at least four times as much Hydrogen Stick water as Hydrogen tablet water to get the same amount of Hydrogen benefit. For many people that is just not do-able. But, for someone willing to drink a half gallon of Hydrogen Stick water per day, the cost of $15 per month is one fourth of the cost of taking two Hydrogen tablets, which would deliver the same amount of hydrogen.

Liquid CellFood™

Question: How does CellFood compare to the Hydrogen Water Stick and the Hydrogen Rejuvenation tablet in terms of actual hydrogen going into one’s body?
Answer: Because CellFood is used differently, there are no direct comparisons. One thing is for sure, however, none of the hydrogen released (directly inside one's body) escapes. It all goes into your blood and cells, providing a steady stream of hydrogen and oxygen to your cells. And, CellFood has plenty of studies showing that it reduces free radical damage in the body. So, it definitely works. But, as of yet, there are no comparisons telling which of our hydrogen products are more effective.

Question: Is the sour taste of CellFood a problem for taking Cellfood?
Answer: Not for most people. When placed in water or juice, it’s not bad at all.

Hydrogen in General

Question: What is Hydrogen Rich Water?
Answer: It is water that contains dissolved hydrogen gas.

Question: Is the sour taste of CellFood a problem for taking Cellfood?
Answer: Not for most people. When placed in water or juice, it’s not bad at all.

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