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Hydrogen atoms are reductants, meaning — a hydrogen atom has available an electron that is easily “donated” to another molecule or atom that is missing an electron. Technically, the recipient of the electron is reduced while the donor of the electron (the hydrogen atom in this case) is oxidized. This REDOX (reduction/ oxidation) mechanism is the means by which an oxidant (free radical) is neutralized and further chain-reactions of free radical damage to neighboring molecules are stopped.

hayashiWhen discussing human health disorders (in general), Dr. Hidemitsu Hayashi said, “A single key mechanism (of disease) that dominates all others is nothing but REDOX reaction. So that, if we can find a  way to control it (the REDOX reaction),
we can conquer the disorder. Water rich in atomic as well as molecular hydrogen should be an ultimate solution for it as far as my theory is concerned.”

Why does Dr. Hayashi propose that our drinking water should be rich with free hydrogen atoms and molecules?

Free radicals are what cause inflammation, disease and aging. By extinguishing free radicals, we can have a healthier, longer life. Atomic hydrogen spreads throughout the fluids of the body and extinguish free radicals (via REDOX reaction), thereby forestalling inflammation, disease and aging. There is not a more universally useful antioxidant than hydrogen. If water is saturated with atomic hydrogen it is directly useable to extinguish free radicals. If water is saturated with molecular hydrogen it is converted by the body into atomic hydrogen. Either way works!

Hydrogen Facts

When we consume hydrogen rich water we gain the following benefits:

  • The hydrogen neutralize free radicals. This helps to prevent disease, illness, and slow down the aging process.
  • The hydrogen can be utilized in combination with free oxygen in the body to give us additional energy.
  • The hydrogen is stored in our liver, kidneys and lungs against future times of oxidative stress.
  • Our intestinal flora use hydrogen to maintain a healthy balance of protective bacteria.

Hydrogen Poor Water Comprises 99.9% of the Water on Earth

Virtually all the water on earth is hydrogen poor. Ordinarily, any hydrogen that disassociates from oxygen (breaking down of H2O) escapes out of the water and rises into the atmosphere. Some of the very few, naturally, hydrogen rich waters become known as sacred, healing waters.

Chronic Disease is the Result of the Lack of Atomic (or Active) Hydrogen in Our Body

Without atomic hydrogen in the fluids of our bodies, our cells must exist with less energy production and more free radical damage than could otherwise be. Our cells then need high availability of other antioxidants or they will be overwhelmed by free radicals and, consequently have lessened energy or be damaged and age needlessly. The bottom line is that without hydrogen, health deteriorates, disease flourishes, and we are at a disadvantage, needlessly.



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